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In Tony

What do I think about TKF?

I’m so glad that something extraordinary good like TKF was able to come out of tragedy of my murdering Tariq. It’s not often seen that out of senseless and chaos purpose is found. Azim having the strength to see into his own pain, after losing his own son, and recognize a desire to stop others from having to go through what I had gone through is a beautiful love letter to Tariq’s life and an example of service that I greatly admire and hope to emulate one day.

I think the Tariq Khamisa foundation is a great organization that does a lot of good work speaking to kids about the importance of non-violence, forgiveness and peace. Their message is one that should be heard in every school and community in our nation because where reading, writing and arithmetic are important for a child’s future: empathy, compassion and personal responsibility through self-awareness are important for their development. I am impressed by the work that TKF does and I look forward to helping them make positive impacts in the lives of young people and the community.