Professional Development Training

TKF provides professional development trainings for administrators, teachers, staff, and other professionals.  Training topics include: Introduction to Restorative Practices, Equity and Cultural Sensitivity, Forgiveness and Healing, and The Impacts of Restorative Practices in Students’ Social-Emotional Learning.  TKF works with administrators to design professional development opportunities tailored to the needs of the school or community.

Developing a Restorative Mindset – A three-hour training focused on shifting how we view and process youth behaviors and challenges. A restorative approach emphasizes utilizing communication skills, building relationships, accountability, compassion and growth to help young people manage conflict, be resilient, and thrive. The workshop examines the importance of instilling hope, worthiness, and healthy social-emotional skills for our youth especially those impacted by trauma and adversities. 

Forgiveness and Healing – A two-hour training focused on understanding healing as an important step in restoring from harm, stress, and life challenges. Forgiveness is a personal healing journey rooted in restorative actions. This workshop examines one’s personal soulular, forgiveness process, and how we teach others to value the importance of healing and forgiveness. 

Restorative Workshop Facilitator Training – A two-day training that provides professionals the tools and confidence to facilitate TKF’s Restorative Workshop and its restorative principles. The training certifies participants to use the curriculum in working with youth.

Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles give individuals an opportunity to have a voice and opinion about recent incidents, challenges, and conflicts that are impacting a school or community.  The circle process allows the group to work together to problem solve and identify solutions for going forward.  TKF staff serves as circle facilitators and provides reflective prompts to promote community building, safely address issues, and allow for optimal participation and engagement.


Parenting Workshops

A seven-session parenting workshop series focused in teaching parents how to utilize restorative principles in raising thriving children. Through the two-hour sessions Parents learn strategies on mindfulness, family bonds, strengths, and forgiveness to support their children’s social-emotional development.


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$1,000 for up to 3 presentations on the selected date, additional travel costs and speaker stipend for presentations outside of San Diego County.

TKF actively works with school districts and administration and pursues grant applications to offset service costs. TKF services qualify under federal and state awarded school funds.

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