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A Blog by Tony Hicks

Meet Tony

In 1990, Tony Hicks came to live with his grandfather after a young life overexposed to violence, gangs, abuse, rejection, and rage. Ples was a role model, boundary, and passionate grandfather to Tony but the teenage years were difficult.  One afternoon in January 1995 Tony ran away from home to be with the wrong crowd. That night, after a day of drinking and drugs, Tony became part of a pizza delivery robbery. He was given a loaded handgun and told to shoot the driver who had refused to give up the pizzas.

Tony murdered twenty-year- old Tariq Khamisa, an innocent young man working his way through college.  At the age of fourteen, Tony became the youngest juvenile in California to be charged and convicted as an adult.  He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.  Tony’s first parole hearing is scheduled for 2018.

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Questions From Students

What are you plans for the future?

As of right now I hope to get back to take college courses through correspondence. I would really like to finish getting a degree if possible so I will have something relevant to fall back on regardless of how old I am once I’m released from prison. I hope to assist in the work that the Tariq Khamisa Foundation is doing. I look forward to being able to work directly with tasreen, azim, my grandfather, and the many great people that are dedicated to the foundation & the kids that they hope to impact.