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Safe School Expansion

TKF has evolved from being the sole educators in schools to building the TKF Training and Resource Institute. Rooted in this work for 24 years, TKF has become the expert in training teachers who want to replace punitive, dated practices with restorative principles in their schools. The program has grown from helping at-risk students to being adaptable to all youth, in any district, providing the life skills, safety measures, addressing socio-emotional needs, depression, bullying, and creating healthy mindsets.

With the rise of violence, bullying and trauma in schools, TKF’s services are in high-demand and our waiting list grows. In 2018, the program team and board made a committed effort to grow our services by providing the Safe School Model training and tools to external educators. Last year, TKF trained teachers in several pilot markets to test the curriculum and Train the Trainer.  It has been a great success and we continue to expand our testing.

The expansion of our Safe School model requires development time and funding. Funding supports additional trainer and curriculum development, pilot program expansion, technology, marketing, packaging, and relative staffing. If you would like to read more about our Safe School Model expansion, please download our brochure or if interested in investing please request a comprehensive expansion plan from development@tkf.org. If you are interested in bringing the Safe School Model to your school please email info@tkf.org. 

***We will be updating this page periodically through this year with updates on funding, testing, and deployment. 

Click to view and Download our Safe School Expansion Plan Brochure