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The Time for Silence is Over. Raise a Voice – June 5, 2020


Dear TKF Family,

Our thoughts continue to be with our TKF family in this painful time for our country and the world. I have found myself disheartened and struggling with a loss for words as we once again witnessed the unjust killings of our brothers and sisters. Now is not the time to be silent, we must all dig deep and raise our voices to amplify those fighting for justice. At TKF and across our nation, as we worked diligently to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, we witnessed the vicious murder of an African-American man by law enforcement. The incident has incited understandable rage, frustration, and chaos over systemic racism. George Floyd joins a long list of those slain too early by misunderstanding, bigotry and hate. The Tariq Khamisa Foundation was founded on this understanding: violence at any level never corrects society’s ills. Only by addressing the underlying problems and making desperately needed changes will we heal as families, communities, and as a nation.

Now more than ever, the TKF family can help our nation come together. TKF supports nonviolent efforts and collective voices demanding society eradicate systemic racism and discrimination in our society. This is the way to restore us and
grow out of chaos. We must all recognize and value the progress from the lessons we still must learn. TKF Board Member Eric Morrison-Smith wrote in a recent San Diego Union-Tribune commentary, “If we are to move forward, we cannot ignore these uncomfortable truths. It is time to learn from them and work diligently to replace the old and build new ways of thinking and new equitable systems, and institutions that value everyone.” TKF remains committed as we have from our first day to educate and support our young people to be advocates, peace builders, and proponents of respect and human dignity for all through our work and service – now more than ever before.

In Solidarity and with love,
Tasreen Khamisa, Executive Director

Tony Update – October 30th, 2019

Hicks Proposed for Release Today By Parole Board

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