A powerful, interactive school presentation.

The TKF Peacemaker Assembly tells the real-life TKF story about the consequences of violence and the positive real-life
benefits of restorative practices. The Peacemaker Assembly utilizes presenters, video, and open discussion to process
students through understanding the impacts of harm and the importance of accountability. Students often reflect their
own personal stories, actions, behaviors, and emotions regarding these topics during this process.

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  • Skills and resources for managing conflict and becoming Peacemakers
  • Promotes understanding and repairing harm
  • Encourages building positive, supportive relationships
  • Teaches kindness and conflict resolution as well as forgiveness


Fees are negotaible. TKF actively works with school districts and administration and pursues grant applications to offset service costs. TKF services qualify under federal and state awarded school funds. For more information contact info@tkf.org

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“Today I went to an assembly that changed my life…”
- 7th grader TKF Peacemaker Assembly attendee