An individualized mentoring service to support those most at risk.

Peace Educators are hired mentors placed on school campuses to assist and support students most at risk. These mentors provide the individualized attention and guidance selected students need to improve their academic performance, reduce school infractions, and improve attendance. Our mentoring strategy incorporates a restorative approach that is focused on peacemaking, behavior management, and mediation to prevent misconduct incidents. Their interventions focus on advocacy, educational assistance, life skills, and positive school engagement. Working with caseloads of 12 to 20 students, Peace Educators provide multiple weekly contacts through one-on-one mentoring, group activities, classroom monitoring, and service projects. TKF creates a campus presence centered on school engagement, safety and supporting the needs of students.

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  • Mentors provide individualized attention and guidance
  • Incorporates peacemaking and behavior management as well as mediation to prevent misconduct
  • Focuses on advocacy and educational assistance as well as life skills and positive school engagement


$16,000 for one Peace Educator mentor placed on campus for three full school days a week.

TKF actively works with district and administrations and pursues grant applications to offset service costs. TKF services qualify under federal and state awarded school funds.

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"When I first joined TKF I was shy and didn’t have many friends but now I’m confident and have lots of friends. The confidence that TKF has helped me built has allowed me to speak my mind and stand up for myself. I will never forget my TKF mentor."
- 8th grade TKF mentee