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Was it worth it?

No, but if you ask anyone sitting in prison especially those serving life sentences “if it was worth it” and the vast majority of them would say “NO”. But beyond the lost of my freedom, it wasn’t worth the pain, & the lost that I had brought to the Khamisa family, as well as those

What Did You Feel Or Regret After You Killed Tariq?

I was a child when I took Tariq’s life, in age, mentality and emotional maturity. Overwhelmed by all of the events leading up to my encounter with Tariq I felt numb immediately after taking his life. I wasn’t equipped to process about myself, my life or the life that I had just taken so the

Did You Want To Pull The Trigger?

A few days after being arrested and placed in juvenile hall I was asleep in my cell and in the middle of the night a guy that worked there opened my door and asked me why I had killed Tariq. I only vaguely remembered this happening later and thought I had dreamt it. Almost a

A Letter From Tony

In 1990, Tony Hicks came to live with his grandfather after a young life overexposed to violence, gangs, abuse, rejection, and rage. Ples was a role model, boundary, and passionate grandfather to Tony but the teenage years were difficult.  One afternoon in January 1995 Tony ran away from home to be with the wrong crowd.

TED Talk Women 2017

TED Talk Women 2017 In November, TKF proudly announced that our founding fathers, Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix, were featured speakers at the 2017 TED Talk Women’s Conference in New Orleans.