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TKF Gala – The Power of Forgiveness

Are you okay?

I am well. I still struggle with what I’ve done to hurt the Khamisa family as well as the community as a whole when I murdered Tariq. I will always carry the shame of my actions with me as a reminder of the person I was and the destructive impact I had on so many

Podcast with Tasreen Khamisa

How to Let Someone Love You JUNE 07, 2018 | 18:33 In hard times, do you seek comfort from others or turn inwards? Find out how our Happiness Guinea Pig emerged from trauma by accepting others’ support. Click Here to go to Podcast ->

What do I think about TKF?

I’m so glad that something extraordinary good like TKF was able to come out of tragedy of my murdering Tariq. It’s not often seen that out of senseless and chaos purpose is found. Azim having the strength to see into his own pain, after losing his own son, and recognize a desire to stop others

What if you had one chance to talk to Tariq what would you say?

Tariq, there are no words to express how sorry I am for taking your life and putting your family through so much pain. I bear the responsibility for what happened that night on January 21 1995 not just for murdering you but for the role I played leading up to my attempting to rob you

What are you plans for the future?

As of right now I hope to get back to take college courses through correspondence. I would really like to finish getting a degree if possible so I will have something relevant to fall back on regardless of how old I am once I’m released from prison. I hope to assist in the work that

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