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Restorative Workshop

A social–emotional curriculum teaching restorative practices, peace, and forgiveness.

This ten-session educational series teaches children important skills such as; to be mindful and manage emotions, be accountable for one’s actions, and comprehension of making amends, practicing compassion and forgiveness. The curriculum is built on tested instructional materials intended to meet instructional educational standards for character building, social competency, healthy decision making, and personal safety. Our curriculum helps students develop social skills, sound reasoning abilities, and advocate for collaborative behaviors. The instruction integrates multiple learning formats to keep students interested and engaged. TKF’s course emphasizes active student discussions and encourages sharing personal views, opinions and experiences on the various topics. The school-based workshop is facilitated in 45-minute sessions.



  • Learn how to be mindful and manage emotions
  • Be accountable for one's actions
  • Comprehension of making amends
  • Practicing compassion and forgiveness