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School Assessment
TKF partners with school administration to identify specialized services in order to meet the school’s specific needs.  We utilize a comprehensive array of services, such as our Safe School Model  programs, specialized trainings, and Restorative Circles for students, parents, teachers and staff.  Our services address school challenges and conflicts in order to promote healing, community building and a safer school climate.


Introduction to Restorative Practices
TKF provides a clear and comprehensive break down of restorative practice.  Our introduction focuses on the principles and values behind the restorative method and its connections to social-emotional development.  TKF’s emphasis on seeing restorative practices as a mindset encourages accountability, fosters compassion, practices forgiveness, and promotes peacemaking.


With over 20 years of experience in teaching restorative principles to students and adults, TKF has become specialists in the field.  Our unique approach comes from a healing perspective that helps youth and adults acquire and practice restorative core values and life skills.  Our specialized programming builds social-emotional skills through curriculum, school presentations, student leadership programs, and mentoring.


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