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Forgiveness: Why It’s The New Mindfulness

Could being forgiving be the answer to everything you’ve been searching for? (An article featuring the story of Tariq Khamisa) Click Here to read article

San Diego Group Participates in White House Initiative

Tariq Khamisa Foundation at forefront of restorative justice movement San Diego – Twenty years ago after the murder of his 20-year-old son Tariq, Azim Khamisa saw the need to address the epidemic of youth violence in the United States. He reached out to the grandfather of his son’s murderer, Ples Felix, in a spirit of

TKF Visits The White House

Dear TKF Family and Friends, I have just returned from representing the Tariq Khamisa Foundation at a historic leadership meeting at the White House. This symbolic event was in response to President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative and it brought together national advocacy and policy leaders in Restorative Justice/Restorative Practices and youth advocacy including TKF.

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